All about National Police Foundation

The National Police Foundation was established in March, 1975 as a Trust under the Charitable Endowments Act 1890 for the benefit of Police personnel and their families. It is headed by a serving Inspector General of Police.

As per scheme of administration/ constitution, a Committee of Administration headed by the Secretary, Interior Division as ex-officio chairman approves the annual budget, monitors the working of the Foundation and lays down policy guidelines.

A Board of Directors, headed by the Secretary, Interior Division as Chairman and Managing Director, NPF as Vice Chairman supervise the working of the Foundation.


  • To provide any facility or help which the Committee of Administration may decide from time to time and which comes under the broad term of "Welfare" of the beneficiaries.
  • To extend and improve medical facilities for serving and retired beneficiaries and their dependants by constructing dispensaries at suitable stations and of providing financial assistance.
  • To advance, whether as a loan or stipend, grants to the dependants of retired or serving beneficiaries for the purpose of education at approved Institutions.
  • To help deserving widows of police beneficiaries by giving them plots/ houses free of cost and monthly stipends in deserving cases.
  • To undertake construction of low-cost houses of various categories and their sale on terms and conditions to be decided by the Committee of Administration to beneficiaries whether retired or serving.
  • To provide Rest Houses, which the beneficiaries and their dependants may use for rest and recreation, at such terms and conditions as the Committee may decide.
  • To provide the facility of Vocational Training Centers for female dependants of police personnel.
  • To provide quality education by opening and operating model schools for children of beneficiaries and others.
  • To provide lump-sum grants to the dependants, at a rate decided by the Committee of Administration in case of death or injury to the beneficiaries on active duty.